Jewelry Care Tips

Inaddition to proper cleaning and storage, there are a few things to remeber when it comes to protecting your jewelry.


Avoid Chemicals

Both metal and germstones can be demaged if they como into contact with harsh chemicals. And while some products to avoid are obvious (think bleach or chlorine), you should also bem cautious with skin care products such as sunscreen, lotion and perfume.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Our skin isn't the only thing we want to protect from UV rays. Too much exposure to sunlight can dull the color in germstones.


Avoid Wearing Jewelry to the Gym or Spa

Because these two places are chock-full of many of the hazards we've mentioned – moisture, skin care products and chlorine – it's best to leave your fine jewelry at home whan you're headed out for a workout os spa day.


Insure Your Jewelry

No matter how hard you try to protect you jewelry, there's always risk of damage. Getting valuable pieces insured will provida peace of mind.